project leaders- wrap your projects in a bow


Think of someone special in your life. As you do, you may want to go out and find them a special present.  This takes time. Either searching among many different websites, or getting in your car and driving to a mall. Either way, it takes you time and effort. But, its worth it when the job is done, right?

Now, if you really want to do it up right, you will either give this person the present in just the right, special moment, or at least present it in some kind of decorative way, maybe even with a bow on top. What I mean is that if it is a nice present, you probably are not going to be giving it to this person in a brown paper bag, but doing your best to dress it up so that it is most attractive.

Now, to the point of this post.  My guess is that almost all of us are in charge of something. Someone out there is asking us to do something for them, or the organization.  For example, we might be asked to run an errand like going to the store, or  we are given charge of a launch of a new project.

When the “project” is initially given, we have the choice of having a “not another thing on my plate–sour” attitude or we can take on the job, whether its big or small, with an attitude of humility, enthusiasm,  and gratefulness for the opportunity we’ve been given to serve. Giving that  it our best will not only typically result in the project coming out well, but it will also bring us favor with our superiors knowing that the job they needed, got done well.

But, before you turn in the finished project (or errand), let me encourage you to wrap it up well and make it attractive.

What I mean is this, did anyone help you in completing that project—thank them for their help.

After you have finished the project, ask yourself, those who collaborated with you, your boss, your customers, etc. how did the finished project turn out? Was there anything that could have been improved upon?

When you deliver a project with this extra little effort, its like giving a present with a bow on top.  The recipient of a wrapped present with a bow on it will receive it knowing and seeing that  you have added that extra little effort to the gift. They will know that you care and will appreciate it (and you) all the more.


When is the last time you finished up some kind of “project”?  Did you go back and evaluate if you could have done anything better?  Please don’t miss out on these times of learning and improving.


finish well,

write notes of encouragement

and follow ups



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