to MOTHERS OF PRESCHOOLERS –advice from Charles Swindoll


One of my favorite pastors and authors is Charles Swindoll. He is a very gifted individual, being able to communicate spiritual insights in very understandable ways.  Recently, I have been reading his book on Moses.  Its been a treat.

As he was writing about Moses’ mother, he brought home an application for all of us today.  I thought it was well worth passing on:


“Considering the example of Jochabed (the mother of Moses recorded in Exodus chapter two), before us, I feel constrained  to say that, if you are a mother of preschoolers, you ought to think  and pray long and hard  before you turn your children over to someone  else to rear…..  I’m not writing to single moms,  ..nor am I addressing every  working mother. I’m not really addressing working mothers with older children in school. I am writing especially  to mothers with preschool children.  I am calling you to think very carefully  about those crucial, irretrievable years  of your child’s life and development. If you must work, if no other option exists, then I strongly urge you to  work the bare minimum  and make sure your child enjoys the best possible care. Having said that, I still maintain  it is better  to sacrifice almost  any material  goal, short of  food on the table  and a roof overhead-than to sacrifice  those precious years of opportunity  with your little ones.

excerpt from “a man of selfless dedication – MOSES” by  Charles Swindoll


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