It’s not a question of how many steps you take, but…


More and more it seems, I will find myself talking to someone where they’ll mention in our conversation how many daily steps they are taking. Although I don’t personally own one of these personal fitness devices, it seems like they are a growing in popularity kind of

But, my point in today’s post is not about products measuring “how many steps” we are taking, but rather an encouragement to each of us to consider the quality of the steps we are taking.

Here’s what I mean:  in the Bible, we are told in numerous places that are relationship with God is a “walk”.  In the Garden, God is said to be walking there.  Enoch, a righteous man walked with God (Gen. 5:22) and so many others are described in that same way.  We are told in the New Testament that we should walk in the Spirit (as in Galatians 5:16).

Walking with God is a precious thing, but how well are we doing it?

For example, we can walk in the malls at Christmas-time.  Do you think this picture is a good one of what it means to walk with God?  I don’t think so.  The reason is that this kind of picture conveys no real purpose. It involves a lot of looking (and coveting of more and more stuff).  It conveys passing the time without a whole lot of purpose (sorry, shopping folks out there.  I don’t mean to be getting down on shoppers.  It’s just an illustration).  brussels-belgium-inside-old-shopping-mall-in-center-city-people-walking-ED588B

I think a better picture, actually two are:

  • one, a couple in love that is walking together, hand in hand–enjoying each and every moment being together, talking about the things on their heart.  I don’t sense an urgency or need to rush, but an enjoying the time together.  That to me is an appealing image to me about how intimate God desires our relationship with Him to be.  Enjoying each and every moment with Him.  Enjoying His creation. Listening to Him speak to us by the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit. Communicating with Him the deepest concerns on our heart.  As has often been said, true Christianity is not so much about being a religion, as it is a relationship.  How is your relationship with Him?


  • the other image that comes to my mind is that of walking on a rocky beach.  This image is becoming increasingly meaningful to me because it conveys the image of being very careful how we are taking each and every step.  If we are not careful when we walk on a surface like that, we can easily stumble or sprain an ankle, etc.   Our Christian walk should be similar in that we are being very mindful of how we are doing at putting in the efforts to know Him better. Are we regularly going to church? Are we consistent with our worship of Him through our financial giving? Are we associating with other believers regularly? Are we reading our Bible daily? Are we praying daily?
  • australian-beaches-7627177

In addition to these things, how careful are we to check our attitudes and motives in doing the things we do?  How careful are you to evaluating how you communicate with others?  Do you talk with humility? Do you convey concern for the other person?  etc.


So, to those physical fitness people out there measuring how many steps you are taking daily–good for you!  Keep it up.

But, for all of us, let us be mindful to frequently evaluate ourselves for the quality of our walk.



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