Is there one area of responsibility you might be neglecting?


Regarding the My Balance Sheet that I write so much about, there is one area of responsibility that I haven’t written about much lately- Ministry or Volunteering.  My Balance Sheet

Whereas the other areas of responsibility tend to be primarily about us, this area (Ministry/Volunteering) is about others.  I’m not talking about hanging out at a friend’s house.  I’m referring to giving up of your time (on a consistent basis) to helping others.  Maybe it’s working a soup kitchen, or a food pantry, or in a church, or caring for an elderly person,etc.

Although this area of responsibility is about giving something to others, its amazing how much we personally receive when we have this  “being a blessing to someone else” kind of attitude.

We, personally benefit by:

* knowing we have helped someone

* we glorify God by demonstrating kindness to others

* as we experience individuals going through tough times in their life, we grow in our gratefulness for the good things we currently have

* as we see people going through tough times, we grow in our compassion for humanity and the suffering that others have to go through

So, how are you doing in this area of regularly being involved in volunteering your time to help someone else?

If you’ve not been regularly doing this, have you ever asked why?


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