Do you know who was on the phone?


Recently, on a business trip, I was walking through the hotel lobby, stopping to grab a cup of coffee near the front desk.  As I was putting my stuff down to free up my hands, I saw a woman behind the counter.  I was going to make small talk with her, but heard her on the phone.

As I couldn’t help but over-hearing her conversation. Although she handled herself very well, I could tell that she seemed to be very annoyed with the person to whom she was talking.

Finally, I heard her say, “Yes, Pastor Henry, I will send you an e-mail with the changes you have made…”

After the call, I saw her talk to another colleague with kind of a “can you believe the guy I just spoke with” kind of look on her face.

Pastor Henry, whoever that is, is not perfect. Nor am I.  However, after experiencing this conversation, it did get me to consider in a fresh way the importance of how I represent Jesus Christ to others.

Sure, it is one thing at church to put on my “best me” face where everyone seems to be doing well, but it’s another thing to be “out there” where people act rude to us, or cut us off in traffic, or inconvenience us in some way, or act in an incompetent way when they are doing some transaction with us.  It is at these moments where we need to remind ourself that we represent the King and we can only hope that by our actions, attitudes, and words, people are able to experience someone who doesn’t act like others do, or would in a certain unfortunate situation.  Maybe they might even ask us why we are behaving as we are.  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing to know we have some credibility when we tell them about a loving God who was willing to lay down His life to reconcile us back with God and to give us peace in our soul.


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