Who is cheering for you?


I really enjoy competition.  I enjoy seeing final rounds of tennis or golf tournaments. I like seeing a World Cup tournament, or Olympic competitions.  I also enjoy the political primary season just from the standpoint of how competitors rise up to the pressure, who rises to the top, and who makes regrettable mistakes.

Most of the time, there is one competitor that I tend to cheer for.  I know yelling at the TV doesn’t help much, but I just seem to do it anyway.

As I was thinking about how often I’ll watch some kind of competition and cheer people on, people that I don’t even know.  The other thought that came to me, that I found  interesting is that when it comes down to it, typically whoever wins in these competitions, especially in sporting events has no relevance in my day to day life, yet I can get so engrossed in these games–why is that?

– Who cheers for me?   Who cheers for you?

– and if there was someone who would be willing to root for you–what would you want them to be cheering you on toward?

– lastly, how intensely are you even “competing” in your game of life?




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