If Joseph wasn’t remembered, then …


Many of you will know that I often talk about looking at life from a hologram perspective.  You know, with a hologram, you can look at it and see one image, but when you move just a bit, the image looks different.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about another hologram kind of image.  On one hand, as people each of us is significant, simply because we are created in the image of God. That means, whether you have red skin, or brown, or white, or black, or whatever skin color, your life is of huge significance. Because of that each of us should be treating others with massive amounts of respect.

However, if we look just a little bit differently at myself, I see another image.  I see a prideful person, someone who is self-centered, and seeks to be dependent on no one. Although the truth of the matter is that there around 7 1/2 billion people on this planet, for some strange reason, I can fall into traps that I think life is centered around me. Ridiculous, huh!

Recently, I was reading through the Book of Genesis and I came upon the section that was about Joseph, (you know the one with the many-colored coat).  Anyway, as he interprets Pharaoh’s dream and Pharaoh realizes that there is something special about this man, he promotes him to second in command of the whole country.  Through the wisdom and favor God had given him, he helped the nation of Egypt get through 7 years of incredible prosperity and then 7 years of utter famine.   I can almost picture little Egyptian children reading and studying in their little papyrus school books (or however they learned) about this savior to the country, Joseph.

But, what’s really interesting to me is that the book after Genesis in the Bible, Exodus starts off by saying that in succeeding generations, a new king came to power that didn’t know who Joseph was or Egypt’s history.  The only thing that this new pharaoh was observing was that there were a lot of these Hebrews around and he feared them revolting, so he began to oppress them.

So, where am I going with this?  It’s this, if a hero like Joseph could so easily be forgotten, what does that mean for your life and mine?  If the Lord does not return soon, the chances are it won’t be many generations before people forget about you, and I, too.

Now for some of you that is a depressing thought.  However, what I see is a truthful hologram perspective to hold on to.  Yeah, my life is significant because not only am I created by the living God, but I am also a child of this God because I have put my faith in His provision for my sin–Jesus Christ to be my Savior.

However, the flip side is that my life is like a puff of smoke, here for just a brief moment, and then gone.  I find that freeing.  It makes me let up on the ambition craze, wanting to make a name for myself.  Why?  If a savior kind of guy like Joseph could be so easily forgotten, what chance do I have among 7 1/2 billion people to be remembered for long.  So why try?

The other observation I have is it really all that important for me to be remembered anyway?  John the Baptist said, “that I might decrease, and that He (Jesus Christ) might increase”.     I think if for some reason my name would be brought up, long after I die, I wouldn’t want people to talk about me as much as I would want people to better understand God because of me. It really is not my life that I want people to focus on as much as His.

So, my friends, please keep in mind that your life is special. Enjoy it. Enjoy each and every experience of it, especially because it is going to go by so fast. Remember that.

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