“Genius comes from…”


Think of any organization in any industry.   Why did you think of that one organization as opposed to another ?  Most likely it’s because they are probably the best or “near the best in that industry.

And what is it that this company does that makes them so outstanding?  My guess is that it has to do with  excellence.  I would tend to believe that it is a culture that is not content with “good enough”, but has a continuous improvement mindset.

With all that in mind, I have come to appreciate this quote from General George Patton regarding the best (the genius’ that are out there):

“Genius comes from the ability to pay attention to the smallest detail”

How mindful are you to the details in doing what you do?

How much of a personal continuous improvement mindset do you have?

How much have you settled in to coasting, or resting on your past achievements?


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