….you think He might know best?


The Bible says that God’s ways are not man’s ways, that His ways are higher than ours.

So, when it comes to God really knowing best, what do you think?  You think that might be true?  Now  before you answer that too quickly, I know your (and my) initial answer would be something like, “of course, God knows best!”.

However, if you are so quick to answer that way, let me ask you, do you long for His advice in all areas of your life?  If not, why is that?  What sense does that really make that you would acknowledge on one hand that He is surely wisest, but then, on the other hand,  you would admit that you don’t always intentionally seek His guidance?

Let’s get real specific and take one example–the Sabbath Day.    The principle behind this commandment (one of the top 10) was that six days you should work,  but the seventh day was a day of rest.  By doing so, we follow God’s example in Creation; six days He created, then on the seventh day He rested.

When is the last time, you took one day during the week (it doesn’t matter if its Saturday or Sunday) and you put aside all your various types of work and you focused on refreshing your body and giving it rest, restoring and deepening relationship with others, and probably, most important, re-focused on the awesomeness of God and what He has delivered you from?

So, because the Bible clearly teaches that our faith should not be an exclusive academic, head knowledge kind of faith, but a practical, lived-out kind of faith, how about giving this “Sabbath Day” principle a try?  How about this weekend?

You shall not murder.  Yep, I can see that being one of the top ten commandments.

You shall not steal.  Yep, that one also makes sense.

You shall not adultery.  Another yep, I can definitely see that one should also make the top ten.

You shall observe the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.  What do you really think about this one?    Others will see your beliefs by what you do.


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