What about those “no answer” times in prayer?


It is a precious thing to know that throughout the trials, frustrations, and joys that come in life, we can always go to a living and loving God in prayer.  He is always there to listen to us, but even more than that, He is always there to respond to our prayers in love.

However, there are situations when we pray and no guidance or response seems to come from Him.  How do we deal with these “no answer from Him” periods of time.

I believe all Christians will experience times like this and with that in mind,  I believe you will find these excerpts helpful from “Experiencing God” (Henry Blackaby and Claude King):


“Then the Spirit of God began to help me understand something. It seemed to me as if Jesus had said to Mary and Martha:  ” you are exactly right (speaking from the story about Lazarus in John, chapter 11).  If I had come, your brother would not have died. You know that I could  have healed him, because you have seen me heal many, many times.   If I had come when you asked me to, I would have healed him. But, you would have never known any more about Me than you already know.  I knew you  were ready for a greater revelation of me than you have ever known in your life.  I wanted you to come  to know that I am the resurrection and the life. My refusal and My silence were not rejection . It was an opportunity for Me to disclose to you more of Me than you have ever known.”

When that began to dawn on me, I almost jumped straight out of my chair. I said, “that’s  what happening in my life!. That what’s happening!   The silence of God meant that He is ready to bring into my life a greater revelation of Himself than I have ever known.  I immediately  changed my whole attitude of my life toward God. With great anticipation,  I began to watch for what God was going to teach me about Himself. I then had something happen in my life that I might never have responded to without that kind of readiness and anticipation.

You can respond to the silence of God in two ways. One response  is for you to go into depression, a sense of guilt, and self-condemnation.  The other response is for you to have an expectation  that God is about  to bring you to a deeper knowledge of Himself. These responses are as different as night and day.”




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