Thinking of your job (and/or the next one)—what are you afraid of?


I was talking to someone recently who was considering a job change. He mentioned to me an IVP Books  book that he found extremely helpful:  “Consider Your Calling” by Gordon T. Smith.   In particular was a chapter called:  “What are you afraid of?”.

Considering that we are so often bombarded by fears when we think about our future, especially our jobs,  I wanted to pass along an excerpt from the book that I think you will find helpful:

“What are the worries and distractions that swirl around your heart and mind, keeping you from your life and work and dissipating your energies?    And  what are the fears that distract you and keep you from intentional focus on the good work to which you are called?….   But could it be that the greatest obstacle to the fulfillment of our vocation is not “out there’, but rather “in here”?     In our own hearts?    Could the real question  be not who or  what is standing in our way, but “what are you afraid of?”   What’s  the fear that keeps us from embracing that to which God is calling us?…..

Do we even know what it would feel like to live in the full force of what Jesus calls us to when He very simply says, “do not worry about your life. (Luke 12:22)?   Jesus goes on to stress that worry is useless and, more to the point, inconsistent with our knowledge of God  as the One who is providentially present to each one of us.”


So, my friend, when it comes to the way you look at embracing your current job, or letting go and looking for a new job, is there something of which you are afraid? If so, deal with it.


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