Do you need a kick in the pants?


“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble,  you wouldn’t sit for a month”.

Teddy Roosevelt

If you are experiencing any conflict in your life, let me encourage you to leave the playing field of your work, home, church, family, etc.  and go up into the balcony section.

Look back down at your circumstances. As you see all the players involved in the scene before you and consider all the different reasons for why each player on the field (including you) is acting in the way they are, is it just possible that you might have something to do with the conflict on the field based on your words, attitudes, actions, or motives?

It will be your worth your time to step back and try to evaluate your conflict(s) from an objective point of view. Maybe you might need help with this, so you might want someone to go up in the balcony section with you and review the situation with a fresh set of eyes.  If you do invite someone to join you and give you feedback, try as hard as you can to just listen, and not get defensive.

Who knows, as you look at your circumstances in a new light, you might even come to enjoy the game as you get back to playing in it.


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