Try not to run out of gas on your “ambition” drive


Who of us don’t have some ambitions or goals for the future that we long to see realized?

Whether it’s:

* getting to that coveted position you long to reach at work

* or hitting that financial goal in your 401K

* or meeting that “right” person to marry

* or to have a child

* or to see your child married

* or to see your first grandchild?

*etc.,etc., etc. in the famous words of Yul Brynner–:)

But as significant as any of those noble goals, achievements, desires are, they are all “hopes” in the future.  Think of it like this, when our family has a family vacation and we begin our drive to that destination, the vacation spot is our “hope”–its our destination.   However, to see that hope realized, we need to have gas in our car to allow us to drive to that destination-simple enough, right?  Also, it would be helpful to apply proper maintenance to our vehicle to make sure that everything is working correctly and properly functioning.

Now, to get to my point in this post, think of using the driving and destination example as a metaphor for our very lives and all the hoped for “destinations we have.  The “gas” we put in our own personal self is our own personal health.   So, recognizing that however noble or exciting our longed-for destination is, if we don’t get there, we are going to be dealing with major frustrations and disappointment.

How mindful are you then to your own personal health?  How intentional are you to be healthy so that you will stand the best chance to being healthy enough to arrive at your hoped-for destination(s)?

Self-evaluation time:

  • Name 1-3 current, specific goals that you have to improve your health on a weekly basis
  • If you don’t have any, what 1-3 specific goals can you begin implementing this week?
  • Who, among your closest friends or family can you ask to hold you accountable to achieving your personal health goal?

Please note that it takes roughly 30 days to create a new habit.  Why not start this week with establishing new personal health habits, so that you will be in a good place to enjoy your hoped-for destination(s)?


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