What (or Who) are you looking at?


I love my Christian Faith.   It continues to amaze me.  It is personal practical, and powerful!  (sounds like a good 3 point sermon, huh 🙂

Just curious– would you describe your relationship with God in that same way?

What kind of brought this subject up to me was that I was thinking about how simple our faith in Jesus Christ really is.  It is a personal relationship (not outward “going through the motions” kind of faith, its practical (He wants to do life with us and wants us to submit to His leading and His wisdom in all areas of life), and His ways are powerful ( His ways are not our ways and there is always hope  because He is all-powerful and loving–He is the Sovereign One).

However, although our faith is very simple, yet because of the opposition that comes to our walk with God because of our sinful flesh, a world culture (looking to remove itself from the acknowledgement of a Holy God), and a living Devil, life can get very challenging.

Today’s post is just a reminder.  It’s a passage from the Bible  that I hope encourages you, as it has me to keep on looking to Jesus, instead of the many, many distractions, temptations, and pressures of life.   Having that kind of faith can bring peace and joy to our soul, and is powerful enough for us to move mountains and walk on water:



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