“The enemy of the best is the good”, so …


“The enemy of the best is the good”

I want to keep things kind of simple today and give you some time to reflect on that phrase as you consider your 7 areas of responsibility.  My Balance Sheet

One of the desired outcomes in this exercise is to help you focus.  Your time is limited: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  That’s it. We all get the same amount of time, so how will you use it?

Let me get at my point through another example: money.   Very few of us, if any, have unlimited money.  So what happens is we get our paychecks a few times a month and then we distribute that money to those we owe: banks, credit card companies, utility companies, tithes and offerings to the church, etc.   The point is that there are endless ways we can spend our money, but if we have any degree of common sense, we will understand that for our own long-term financial health, we need to keep our expenses below the amount of money we bring in each month.  In other words, we prioritize how we will use our limited money.

It’s the same with our time, but how often do you intentionally set aside some time to “budget” where you will spend it?

If you are going to really get focused on what is the best use of your time, you will  need to really understand its limited supply and you will need to focus on your priorities.  What are your passions?  What are you participating in, but not really “all in”?  What good things do you need to give up because the time you spend on them takes away from your time pursuing the best ?

So, let me encourage you to work through these 7 areas of responsibility and ask yourself what good things are you doing that are distracting you from enjoying and accomplishing your best?


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