For those of you who are strong “idea” kind of people…


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I’m an idea kind of guy. My mind can quickly think of an idea and I can run with it.  That spontaneity can be a good thing, but it can also lead to foolish decisions as well.   As God continues to teach me and help me depend on Him for wisdom, I came across this excerpt from the “Experiencing God” Bible study by Henry Cloud and Claude King.   It is loaded with useful insights to get me (and you, too?) to pause to consider God’s bigger picture over our short-term focus:


“Who delivered the children of Israel from Egypt?  Moses or God?  God did.  God chose to bring Moses into a relationship with Himself so that He-God- could deliver Israel.  Did Moses ever try to take matter about the children of Israel into his own hands. Yes.

In Exodus 2:11-15 (right) Moses began to assert himself in behalf of his own people.  What might have happened if Moses had tied to deliver the children of Israel through a human approach?  Thousands and thousands would have been slain. Moses tried to take Israelite matters into his own hands. That cost him 40 years of exile in Midian working as a shepherd (and reorienting his life to God-centered living).

When God delivered the children of Israel how many were lost? None. In the process God even led the Egyptians to give the Israelites their gold, silver , and clothes.  Egypt was plundered, the Egyptian army  was destroyed, and the Israelites did not lose a single person.

Why do we not  realize that it is always best to do things God’s way?  We cause some of the wreck and ruin  in our churches because we have a plan.  We implement the plan and get out of it only what we can do. God (Jesus)  is the head over the body – the church.  Oh, that we would discover the difference when we let God be the Head of that body.  He will accomplish more in six months through a people yielded to Him than we could do in 60 years without Him.”

Does this little excerpt help you to see the wide range of things that can happen when you (or I) run with our own ideas and enthusiasm compared to the endless possibilities of depending and trusting God to be God and take the lead?  I hope so.  Its really given me quite a lot to think about.


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