Just a reminder– “5 ways to love your spouse”


Check out my special post tomorrow —it will be my 1000 POST! 

Although I tend to be a very organized person, I don’t mind reminders at all. I like keeping on track with things and really kick myself when I drop the ball with something and/or forget something I was supposed to do.

With that in mind, I came upon a PowerPoint slide I have from a Life Coaching presentation I do that is a great reminder to me about how I should be loving my wife.

Those reminders for me (and for you) are:

  • 1) partner with her in your finances: make a budget and stick to it. Sacrifice now for financial health in the future
  • 2) touch her –just because (with no ulterior motives)
  • 3) pray daily with her
  • 4) take time to talk with her daily (and to listen)– taking regular walks together works really well for us
  • 5) be consistent in showing her good manners (treat her like a lady)

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