What our hard times can reveal?



We all go through tough times.  If you haven’t experienced any for a while, don’t worry, you will.  Unexpected detours in life are just a given.

What’s interesting about these challenging times is how we handle them.

Specifically, what’s revealing in these rough patches is what relevancy our belief in God has during them.  Is He prayed to during our tough times?  Is He depended upon?  Will we wait on Him?  Will we rejoice in Him, even in the midst of our suffering?

Let me encourage you to make the most of your tough times.  There is a much bigger issue at hand that you may, or may not take full advantage of–its the issue of how genuine is your faith?  Take some time to ask yourself about your belief in God and how real it is during these rough patches.

If you have been going along in life saying you are a believer, but you recognize that when you really should be needing Him most, you are not even thinking about Him.  Well, maybe that tells you something.  Maybe you have been going through the motions and calling yourself a Christian, but you are one in name only.  Rejoice that it took this tough time to reveal that truth to you.

Now, you can start from square one and admit you need God’s help and that you are now willing to get His help.  That’s really a good place to be at.

I love this quote from Paul Tripp, which sums it up so well:

” One of the most common ways we come to know Him in  a personal or new way  is through trials, suffering or brokenness  in our lives. That’s when theology meets every day life. ”    Paul Tripp

Lastly, if you are one who has been going through a tough time in your life and you have been faithfully depending on Him to get you through each and every day, I want to encourage you to keep persevering.

Jesus never told us to look beyond today because today has enough troubles of its own.

If you are demonstrating a dependency on Him (being poor in spirit) than the Bible says “you are blessed”.  You have been experiencing, whether or not you recognize it or not, His reign in your life. He has gotten you through today and tomorrow, as you rely on Him, He will get you through as well.  One day at a time!


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