Jelly Beans and a Perspective on Life


Now here’s an interesting picture to stir up your taste buds a whole jar of jelly beans.    IMG_0056

I’m actually using it though as an object lesson.  Stay with me on this.

There are over 1000 jelly beans in the jar.  Every week I remove one jelly bean.  Why?  Because I’m using it as a visual tool to help remind me about the shortness of life.  I’m 55 years old, so I’m thinking I have a long life still in front of me, but really, one never knows.

I showed someone what I was doing not long ago and they replied, “well, that’s morbid!  Why would you think about dying?”

Is that what your thinking as well?

Well, In Psalm 90:12, the Bible says, “teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom”.  My little project helps me to do that.

So, as I’m plucking out a jelly bean each week, some times I find that a bean tastes really good.  That’s how life is right–some times very enjoyable.  But, I know soon I will be eating a jelly bean that is going to taste sour, or just awful.  Life can be like that too, at times–just hard.   But, whether I’m in a good period in my life or a rough one, life goes on in its limited supply (and who knows how long that will be).

The other benefit I keep getting reminded about as I look at this jar or put a jelly bean in my mouth is that I need to enjoy life.  I need to strive to enjoy my family more, my friends in a deeper way, my God in a more experiencial way. I need to enjoy each and every moment.

So, next time you have a jelly bean and enjoy its taste, why not also really seek to enjoy all that you are experiencing in life.




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