Its time to leave the “gas station”


Nearly every year, my wife and I will drive down to Florida on vacation.  I love it down there.

Before we take this trip, we do some planning: we decide which highways we will travel on, we pack appropriately, we gather miscellaneous stuff to bring with us on our trip.  Another way to think about this is that we prepare and educate ourselves to make our trip successful.

I was thinking about this just recently when I was considering how much education we cram into our minds.  Besides regular schooling, there are now books, podcasts, Google searches, YouTube clips, sermons, conferences, favorite radio or tv news shows, downloadable resources, etc.  Keeping better informed is not a problem today!

What’s my point? It’s this, I wonder sometimes if we aren’t just filling our minds with more and more information, but we are grossly falling short in two major areas:  one is giving our self a quiet time to reflect and process all this information and to sort through it according to each of our own world views?  Second, is the issue of execution.  We can keep cramming our head with more information, but unless we apply what we are learning what good is all that knowledge?

With most books I read, conferences I go to, or sermons I hear,  I will try to focus on just 1-3 areas for me to apply some new understanding I receive.

I’m reminded of a time, years ago when I was filling up my car at a gas station.  I can’t remember what I was thinking about, but I remember being distracted and looking into the distance in some foggy gaze.  The problem was that my hand was firmly grabbing the gas nozzle and gas was overflowing out of the already-filled tank.

I think many of us are stuck figuratively at a gas station continuing to fill our cars (heads) with knowledge –actually overflowing our tanks.   So be careful about being contented at staying at a station of life and just gathering more knowledge when life is really about being on the road of life and enjoying and applying that knowledge with wisdom.



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