Are you starting a new job or project, then consider…


For those of us you who might be starting a new job, or project, here is a 5 step suggestion for you to help you be successful:

  • although you might feel at times like you are drinking out of a fire hose, try to regularly find time to just evaluate what is going on around you
  • in this reflective time, try to consider all the areas of responsibility in your new job, and/or if you are doing a project, try to consider, from start to finish what tools you might need, what people you might need to communicate with, what topics need to be addressed
  • After seeing the big picture in your new endeavor, try to establish priorities.  What foundational step do you need to take first?
  • After having a framework of your priorities, look to set some goals.  Establish some general direction you want to move in, and then look to make some goals.  Try to be sure they are specific, measurable, attainable, who is responsible for a task (if your project or job involves others), and lastly, is giving your goals some kind of time frame in which they should be done
  • You’ve taken the time to Evaluate your project (or job), you’ve looked at all the areas of responsibility or what’s involved in the task, you’ve prioritized what needs to be done, you’ve set goals, now all that is left is managing the process.   Following up on your plan is so important and so often neglected.   Don’t expect what you are not ready to inspect.

I hope these tips help and that you are able to enjoy and thrive in your new endeavor.


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