Human error and being your best—is it for you?


You may have just heard that medical errors are the third leading cause of deaths in the U.S.  I found that to be alarming, though not totally shocking as back in 2011, I had three knee surgeries in about a 6 week period of time due to infections during surgery.

But, human error is not a medical industry issue only.  Consider poor human decisions that result in overbooked flights and with lost baggage in the airline industry.

Consider human error (and prejudice) that has resulted in, who knows how many individuals, being wrongly incarcerated.

I could probably list lines and lines of examples of industries where human error has resulted in time delays, loss of productivity, loss of revenues, damaged relationships, etc.

Well, let’s take just one more example-traffic accidents.  99% of all accidents are the result of human error. Typically, someone is in a hurry to get somewhere and their car gets out of control and crashes, or the speeding car does not see another vehicle and slams in to it. The cause though is poor judgement and the result- bad, sometimes very bad consequences.

With all that said, I think about my passion for Life Coaching. Why my interest?  The bottom line is that I desire to help people work with a system so that they can manage all the areas of responsibility in their life, and so that they can live a life without regrets.  I want to help men avoid human errors in managing their life.  I have a passion for helping men grow in their personal satisfaction as they enjoy pursuing excellence in all areas of their responsibility and help them to realize their influence on others.

It’s as simple as that, but I know that the number of individuals who would be interested in having a life coach is a small, but select group.

Being involved in a life coaching relationship is not for everyone.  It can be hard at times.  You have to desire to be your best.  You have to be transparent and accountable to someone (me).  You have to work towards being disciplined.  There is a time sacrifice in talking with me on a regular basis.  There is a financial sacrifice ( I charge $49/hour–as a side note, I should probably charge around $80, but due to some people in my life that were a huge help to me and my family in my younger years and offered us car repair and house repair help for only $20/hour, I have been influenced to see this life coaching as a ministry as well.)

As Mercedes Benz mentions as their tagline, “the best or nothing”.

If you desire to be your best and are interested in finding out more about being involved with my life coaching, please just and let me know.

Be your best!




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