Do you need an alarm clock to…


Why do you do what you do?

Do you need to be told to pursue excellence in all areas of responsibility?

With this question in mind, I so appreciate these notes that I took while reading Crawford Loritts, Jr.’s fine book, “Leadership as an Identity”:

-a friend once told me that his father never used an alarm clock. Before he retired, his dad always got up before down to go to work. One day out of curiosity my friend asked his dad why he never needed an alarm, and the father’s response was priceless: Responsibility. Woke me up. Every morning !  He had a mortgage to pay, mouths to feed and a future to secure. Responsibility told laziness, “take your hands off of him. It’s time for him to get up and get after it! His dad took seriously his assignment to care and provide or his family. He owned that responsibility.

excerpt from : “Leadership as an Identity”: –Crawford Loritts, Jr.

How often are you evaluating your self in fulfilling with excellence all the areas of your responsibility?    For some, they are acutely aware of what needs to be done and it drives them to be very intentional about what they do and why?  For others, actually for most of us, there are seasons in our life when we would be helped by being transparent with a friend so that they can encourage us to get on track and to support us in doing so. Where are you at in fulfilling your responsibilities?

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