What got you here won’t get you there (in Sales)!


“He who walks with wise men will be wise” is a favorite verse of mine from the Bible.  The idea that comes to my mind is the importance of humility and coming along side someone else (wiser or more experienced than you) to learn from them.

For me, this book was a needed read. I have been in sales for nearly 30 years. This book brought to mind the reminder that these are different times than years ago. Times change. Technology changes, Industry changes and we, also can change.

Regarding you and me, we can begin to develop habits that are not helpful to our effectiveness.  A constant theme of this book is in order for us to get better at what we do, not to focus on adding more steps or behaviors we need to master, but simplify things and look at those harmful, foolish, or unproductive habits we are currently doing and stop doing them.  Sounds simple.  In some ways, it is.

Just this past week, through the reading of this book, I became aware of two habits that I was doing in my sales job that were not beneficial.  They made me not as effective as I could be. I recognized what I was doing and I purposed to make changes – to stop doing them.  It felt good to see my weakness and make a change that would make me better.

Read this book and enjoy this fresh perspective.  I believe you find that the time you read it will be worth it.


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