Going back to the heart of it all…


As I’m nearing my 1000th post (wow!), I felt it would be beneficial to re-visit the purpose of my writing all these posts.

I am totally convinced that life is hard. We all face many pressures and unexpected circumstances. Unless we are very intentional about managing all My Balance Sheetin our lives, something (or someone) will be neglected.  I hate when that happens in my life and I’m so bothered when I hear it happening in someone else’s life.  It really bothers me seeing people neglected as “collateral damage” because another person is focused selfishly on their own personal gain in 1 or 2 areas of their life.

These posts are my best attempt at encouraging my readers of the importance of striving for excellence in every of responsibility in your life so that you will life a life without regrets.     That’s why I write what I do.

Let me encourage you to print off this post and use this “My Balance Sheet” daily. Ask yourself the 2 questions above the heart.  If you do, I believe you will never regret doing so and you will increase the level of satisfaction in your life and your influence toward others.


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