Golf is hard and so is our work


When is the last time you had an “aha” moment?  Do you know what I’m talking about?  It’s those moments when an idea becomes crystal clear in your mind.  Usually for me, it’s a “duh!” and “you’re finally realizing this kind of revelation.”

I had one of those just yesterday.   The insight that came to me is that “work is hard”.   Pretty profound, huh?

I can get stressed out from work. I can get frustrated from work.  I can be exhausted after a long day.

What dawned on me is that all those kinds of experiences (stress, frustration, exhaustion) are normal.  They are consequences of caring about what I do.

Also, the thought of “work” being different from “play” came to mind.  Work is hard. Ever since the Garden, work has its share of toiling and great effort. It is what it is.

The other insight that popped in my mind came from some notes I took from the book by Butch Harmon called  “The Pro”.   The initial context of the excerpt has to do with professional golf, but I applied it to my work.  If I want to be my best, which I do, it’s going to require much effort and intentionality on my part. I just need to accept that reality and deal with it.

Here are my notes  (let me encourage you to consider your thoughts about your own work and how serious you are about being your best in doing your job (ie. what next steps do you need to take) :

“golf’s hard. Good golf is damn  (his quote, not mine)  hard, and championship golf is so hard only a select few ever comprehend it. It’s a cruel game. Think about it. 144 people play in the tournament, and 143 of them are going to lose. That’s tough. The game chews you out, and steps on you. It’s those who get up and dust themselves off that make it. But that’s how it should be. It if were that easy, everybody would do it.
-Golf is hard. It takes a lot of hard work. If you want to play good golf, you had better be willing to put in long, hard hours, for an extended period of time. . And in many cases, you have to get worse before you can get better.
-dad made sure we understood that golf was not a game you ever perfected.
-championship golfers were those who had talent on top of spending endless hours on the practice tees”


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