Where are your 3 fingers pointing?


Readers of my blog will know that I have referenced before two different parts of our brain that are responsible for making decisions.

One part is a rapid response “fight or flight”, quick-action  decision maker.

The other part of the brain wants us to slow down and thoroughly think through the issue at hand.  It is much more logical, than emotional.

I thought about this recently when two different scenarios played out before me.  One of the situations had to do with a relationship conflict.  The other one had to do with a work issue.  In both situations, I was frustrated by something that was going on and in both situations, I was finding myself in a very critical mood.   Ever been there?

However, as I was able to step back from the emotional frustrations I was having and gave the Lord time to speak to me, I came to the understanding that before I keep going down the road of blame and dwelling on my frustrations, I first needed to look at my responsibility in both scenarios.

As I gave a lot of thought to how I was behaving, I started to get humbled very quick.

Could I have acted with more compassion?

Could I have been quicker to forgive others for their mistakes (especially in light of how many mistakes I make)?

Could I improve my own work performance?

On and on, the self-appraisal continued and I realized I had so much I could have done better.  It was an example to me that before I jump on the “critical bandwagon”, I need to pause to do this self-review. My guess is that as I do, I will frequently spend much more time focusing on my own need to do better rather than finding fault with others.

It reminds me of that illustration where you point at something with one finger, but 3 other fingers are pointing back at you.   Be slow to find fault with others.


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