“it’s good enough” is not good enough


For regular readers of my blog they know of my frequent mentions of themes, such as: leadership, hard work, quality, quotes, devotion to God, balance in life and striving for excellence in all areas of our responsibility.  And often, I have a tendency to make references to sports coaches and players who are some of the best at what they do.

But recently, I had an opportunity to watch a union  electrical worker do his craft. After my time with him, I can’t express how impressed I was with his workmanship.

Here are some of the takeaways that impressed me that I hope you can apply in striving for excellence in your own craft:
– he was prepared- like a surgeon, he had all the right tools for every specific task he did
– He was knowledgeable- he knew how to do his job and knew of the latest codes, he knew what to look for in doing the task.
– He worked with efficiency- he moved in an orderly way with little times of delay- one step moved right into the next step with little rework needing to be done

One other need thing that stood out to me was something he mentioned near the end of his job.  In fact, I dont’ think  he was probably even aware of what he said or its implications. In looking over his completed project, he noticed something  that was slightly off angle, I thought to myself, “okay the job is done-it’s good enough”.
However, I saw him look at it and then get out his screwdriver to unscrew some screws and then realign the fixture with the aid of a magnetic level he took from his tool belt. “There, now it’s perfect”.

Wow! I would not have gone this extra step. “Good enough” would have been fine with me, but not for him.

In the end, I was appreciative for watching him work, but even more so, the inspiration he was to me to apply his example in my life and in the tasks I do.

I gained a valuable lesson through his example. In pursuing excellence I saw that an  “it’s good enough” or “it’s enough to get by” kind of mindset is not good enough. I need to strive to be perfect.


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