Lessons in prayer
I have been a Christian since June 1982, but I am still learning lessons on what prayer really is. I guess I’m in good company as the apostles having been with Jesus prayed for Him to teach them how to pray.

One thing that I’m grateful for is that prayer is starting to become a habit (took me long enough).  I am realizing that I NEED to be in a continual frame of mind talking (and listening) to God.

It is vital that I walk in a constant state of humility, depending on Him for everything (in other words, being “poor in spirit).

Lately, I believe God  is showing me is that though I’m doing pretty well at committing most things to Him and praying about them (although I can always do better), I have an awful habit of telling Him how I want my prayers to be answered.  I say, “God please answer this prayer request to show how awesome you are and here is how I would like you to do it.”  How utterly arrogant and foolish on my part.

Over the years, when I have seen God answer a prayer, I have caught myself saying aloud, or thinking  “wow, I never saw it playing out like that”.   He is faithful to answer my prayer request, but usually not in ways that I expect.

So, let me pass on to you a lesson that I am learning and that is to let the God of unlimited resources and creativity, and love ” cause all things to work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.”

Rest, my friend in letting God be God and expect the unexpected!


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