Think Solutions


Maybe it’s because I like games, am competitive, and am a positive person, but when problems come my way, I am increasingly turning to focusing on trying to find solutions, rather than on the problems.

Seriously, what good does it do to focus on the negatives.  They are draining, emotionally and physically.  Focusing on the negatives does not accomplish anything it can just prevent you from enjoying one more precious day of life.

Quite a while ago, I learned that we actually have two decision-making parts of our brain.  One of them is the “fight or fight” reflex where we tend to act right a way.  The other part of our brain tends to want to pause, and analyze what is going on and logically come to a solution.

I want to encourage you when problems come your way (and they will), try to back off from the problem. Get some space between you and it. Give yourself time to consider what is really going on and what alternatives you have to resolve the situation.

One final emphasis on this last point, try not to limit your possible solutions to the obvious.  Be creative.  Pray to a God of miracles.  Be open to getting input from others.


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