How valuable are the first 10 minutes in your meetings?


Think about the last couple of meetings you’ve attended.    How much did you enjoy them?  How profitable were they?

If you are leading a meeting in your organization, you might want to consider these notes from Patrick Lencioni’s excellent book, “Death by Meeting”:

-in a good movie, there has to be something ultimately at stake. a prize, survival, sanity, success, and even peace of mind—it’s all about human drama
–it is the first 10 minutes of a movie that sets the stage in people’s minds as their perception of how a movie will be
-the first 10 minutes in a meeting should start the same way–give people a reason to care
– the importance of mining–look for places where people have different opinions, but aren’t necessarily putting them out there. When you see that, you need to force them to communicate what they’re thinking until they’ve said all that is out there. You need to be constantly mining for buried conflict.


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