Revisiting the top 20% – this time with a John Maxwell thought


Recently, I wrote a post about Jack Welch and his policy of “Differentiation”.   Basically, this process is about identifying the top 20% of your workforce (your stars, who you need to reward and recognize), the core 70% (hugely important group that you need to encourage and help to get to the top 20% group, and then the remaining 10%, which probably don’t belong at the organization.

As I was looking through my notes, I came across the following thoughts from John Maxwell, which,  interestingly enough, again seemed to stress the importance of identifying the  20% figure.

This is an excerpt from John Maxwell’s “A Leaders Heart”:

the pareto principle

“- 20% of your priorities will give you 80% of your production IF you spend your time, energy, money, and personnel on the top 20 % of your priorities
-20% of the people in an organization will be responsible for 80% of the company’s success.
– determine which people are the top 20% producers
-spend 80% of your people time with the top 20%
-spend 80% of your personnel development dollars on the top 20%
-ask the top 20% to do on the job training for the next 20%”


So, leaders:

  • how attuned are you to knowing your staff and who the  top 20% productive individuals are?
  • how aware are you of how and where your time is spent?
  • how intentional are you in your planning for staff development?

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