Lack of sleep is like a squeaky door, maybe its time to…


I don’t know about you, but I can find myself easily wanting to stay up late and watch one more episode on Netflix, or read one more chapter in the latest book I’m reading, or …..

My point is that I know myself and if do one of those things, the next morning, it’s very hard for me to get out of bed with energy. My morning drags, as does the rest of my day.

In that foggy frame of mind, I tend to focus on just accomplishing tasks that come to me.   I don’t have the energy or enthusiasm to think beyond reacting to the urgent stuff.

When it comes to relationships, it’s the same. My focus tends to be self-centered and focused on how tired I am. I can find myself having little patience with others and am not as careful with things I say, and definitely do not listen to others as well as I should, and that my friends, deserve.

I’m sure everyone knows what a squeaky door sounds like. Its annoying. Most people will notice the squeaking noise and then tolerate it for a few times before they have had enough and oil it.

If you are one of those who consistently deal with some of the above-mentioned “consequences” of a lack of sleep, why not put an end to this “squeaking habit”, and try to make the adjustments where you need AND get a good night’s sleep and see what a difference it can make.  Are you willing to try?


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