Are you just too busy?


I can remember the scene like it was yesterday.

I remember walking to my car.  I was on my way to yet, another church meeting.  This one was an Outreach meeting where we’d be talking about creative, loving, and effective ways we could encourage the people in our church to reach out to their neighbors.

What was ironic about the whole thing (and very sad, really) was that on my way to the Outreach meeting, I ran across my neighbor.  This was a really nice guy and I got along with him well.  He was a man, I perceived, who was searching for more meaning in his life. I had a few, very brief conversations with him in the past and I was kind of sensing that there might be an opportunity just then to have one of those “neighborly across the fence” kind of conversations.

The problem was that I didn’t have time.  I was off to a meeting where we would be discussing the best ways to talk to our neighbors.   Ugh!

That’s just one of many stories in my life when I was just blinded to doing the right thing.

How about you?  How busy is your life?

Do you tend to run from one activity to the next, little noticing the people and things around you?  I hope not.

Maybe its time you give yourself some time to really think through what things are most important to you and jettison the rest.  It’s not that those “tossed overboard” activities are bad.  They probably are good things, but for you, in this season of your life, they may not be the “best” things.

Unexpected things will almost always occur.  Keep some margin in your life, so that you will not miss out on any of these surprises in life.

I find it’s when I take advantage of participating in these unexpected experiences that life takes on a bit of an adventure and frees me up from the feelings of both being overwhelmed (by too many planned activities and responsibilities), as well as the boredom that comes with a never-changing routine.





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