I’m going “dark”


“I’m going dark”.   That sounds so adventurous, doesn’t it—something out of a spy movie.

Before I clarify what I mean by it, I want to let you know that I’m not referring to a “Star Wars/Darth Vader” kind of thing, you know, going to the “dark side”.

I also don’t mean I’m turning to evil or horror behaviors.

What I mean is that my cell phone died and I am now unavailable to be reached by phone.    In this day and age, what an odd feeling. It’s kind of freeing not being “connected” to the latest headlines, the latest text message from someone, or e-mail, or appointment I have coming up.

At the same time, being removed from others, leaves me feeling like I’m missing something going on around me.

Much like a voluntary fast I do from time to time, where I abstain from foods to be very intentional about crying out to God for His involvement in some area of concern in my life, I wonder if I need to look to regularly do a technology fast to stretch myself from the enslavement of being connected.

I think some meaningful benefits could come from this, such as:

* more ability to tune in to a person I’m talking to (more attention on them, and less distractions)

* more time to think and reflect about things beyond the latest blip on my screen telling me what is going on right now

* a realization that I can do life without having a cell phone glued to my ear. If I can begin weaning myself off my dependency on my phone (I can’t ever imagine not having one), maybe that will also lessen the temptation to want to go out and buy the latest version phone when it comes out.

Anyway, how about you?  How reliant are you on your phone, or other technology?

Does the technology (as wonderful as it can be at times) that you own, tend to really own you?


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