What do you want your future to look like?



Many of us hear that word at our workplace, or in our church, but few of us, I believe think about vision for our life.

For the same reason, having a vision of what the future looks like for a business or a church is so vital, the same thing could be said of its importance in our personal life.

the need for Vision

Having vision enables you to look beyond the busy-ness of today to the potential of what your future could look like.

Vision moves us from being reactive and just doing tasks today to encouraging us to be proactive and to begin thinking about what we want out of life.

Vision excites us.  Vision allows us to focus in on those things that we want to accomplish and will bring us satisfaction.

Vision can lead to us having goals and making progress for seeing our desires get fulfilled.

Vision helps us realize our needs.  When we see something we want to do in the future, we also will recognize that we are not there yet.  Our minds will then tend to focus on thinking of what we will need to make our vision happen. Often times that means being alert to people around us who have talents and experience that we can get assistance from, if we just ask for their help.

Vision gives us a reason to get up in the morning.  It helps us realize we have something to live for.  There is a better us in the future if we just go after it.


So, let me encourage you if you are kind of stuck in a mode of just doing life with little excitement or motivation, or you are constantly overly busy, being over-committed to too much.   Make the time to get away and clear your head from the bondage of TODAY.   Enjoy the quietness of the moment and reflect, and ask yourself many questions.  For example, what would I really like to do if I had the opportunity? What’s holding me back from going for it?  What energizes me? Who around me is doing something that I think I would like to be doing?  Why is it hard for me to say “no” ?


I hope something that I’ve written today prompts you to consider your vision for what tomorrow could look like.


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