Good advice from my boss


Every day, we all are bombarded with different choices to make.   For example, yesterday, there were several decisions I had:  Should I make a  certain call to someone?  What should I say to this person? Should I back off doing this one specific thing?

In several of those decisions, I heard myself asking a question that an older boss of mine was fond of advising, “DO THE RIGHT THING”.

I don’t know about you, but I can easily justify making selfish decisions.  With some issues, I can find it easy to procrastinate. Although I can be pretty confident in the right-ness, of my motives, I can tend to having suspicions about other people’s motives.

As so many thoughts circulate in my brain and  can complicate my thought process, I can do myself a favor by simplifying matters and just doing the right thing  (that, which I really know deep down is the best thing to do).


So, today, as you will have many choices to make, let me pass along the same advice to you that I received from a friend,

                                                                                   DO THE RIGHT THING!


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