So much to do–where to start…


Did you ever come back from a long holiday weekend (or a vacation, or a business trip) and you sit at your desk and you think these questions to yourself: “what am I doing?  what work did I leave off on last week? Where do I begin?

As you feel that surge of stress beginning to come upon you, let me offer you a few easy to follow suggestions:

  1. take a few minutes to evaluate all that you have going on –give yourself time to get a lay of the land before you start tackling individual issues
  2. Look at all your areas of responsibility (look at your calendar, catch up on e-mails (from the day before you left for your time off, as well as today’s) and phone messages, look for any reminder notes you might have left for yourself
  3. set priorities based on balancing both urgency and big picture importance
  4. give yourself some goals and expectations on what you are looking to get accomplished and when
  5. start executing your plan

I hope this helps.


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