Can your church compete with Disneyland?


For many parents, going to Disneyland is high on their “parenting bucket list”.  And why not?  Any place that labels itself as “the happiest place on earth”  sure would seem to be a place worth checking out.

I’ve been to Disneyland a few different times and it was a pleasant memory (though expensive).

I thought about that phrase, “the happiest place on earth” this weekend.  Why?   Because I thought Disneyland might just have a worthy competitor–the local church.

There are approximately 300,000 churches in the United States.  I deeply hope that the you and the other members of your local  church, as well as its leadership would see itself as a place that people just love to be a part of and could compete with Disneyland’s reputation.      Why would they?

Well, I think that being in a place where like-minded people can re-assemble each week and share their similar experience of being a part of the family of God is a good thing and so are these reasons:

  • being challenged weekly with firm and loving words preached directly from the Bible that confront us with the truths that a holy God exists, and that apart being involved in a relationship with Him (made possible by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who died in our place), we would be forever lost and separated from Him
  • being able to engage together in worshiping God in a joyous, celebratory kind of way
  • seeing people who you care about and who care about you
  • being involved in a culture that we are all just hurting people rubbing shoulders with other hurting people
  • serving together in voluntary helpful works of service
  • being encouraged by smiling people
  • feeling you are a part of fulfilling a vision  that is bigger than any one person

Those are just a few reasons that are top of mind to me as I was thinking about this after my church’s recent weekend’s Easter worship celebration!

I love it when I hear people tell me (as I’ve recently heard from some people I know who attend different churches than I do) that they hate to miss being a part of their church’s Sunday mornings because they just feel like their missing something.  I hope you feel that way as well at your church.

Again, I hope that being involved in a vibrant local church has already  been crossed off your bucket list.  If it hasn’t yet happened for you, I trust that day will come soon where you will just know that you are a part of something very special.



(this was an amazing moment during the 3/27/16 Easter worship service where confetti helped the congregation at Harvest Bible Chapel celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ!).


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