Not getting appreciated, how about ….


How many interactions with people do you have each day?   5, 10, 20, ?

How many of those interactions leave you energized.

My guess is that possibly, just maybe in one of those conversations the other person will say something encouraging to you.  That’s about it–maybe just one.  Its unfortunate, but true, people tend to under-appreciate others and take them for granted.

A couple of thousands of years ago, a person named Paul was quoting from Jesus Christ when he said, “it is better to give than receive”  (Acts 20:35).    So, let me encourage you to do a little experiment with me.

You know how good it feels when someone says something nice about you.  You also know that, at least, for most people, those positive comments come few and far between.

Waiting for that good feeling to come to you (whenever that may be), how about putting the Bible verse to the test that I just referenced (it’s better to give than receive) and giving someone else a word of encouragement or praise?  In fact, let’s take it a bit further and pass out two positive exchanges with people for three days.

So, tomorrow, if you are game, go ahead and call, text, e-mail, or talk to two different people and offer some positive words to them. Let them know you appreciate them and one of their character qualities.

Then, do the same on the next day and the day after.

My guess is that you will find a deep joy in what you have done——–but you won’t know that feeling unless you try!



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