Today, maybe you are considering quitting, well…


We all go through tough times and leaders, especially encounter challenging times.  Although the wisest of leaders surround themselves with supporters and friends, the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional struggles can be so intense at times, they can lead to a breaking point–a time of decision of whether or not to carry on.    Maybe, this very day, you might be in that place.

If so, I hope that this excerpt from Crawford Loritts, Jr.’s book, “Leadership as an Identity” encourages you to see it through:

“In 8th grade, I didn’t do well on a test, and my mother had me do a Summer School class, which I did not want to do. I protested  to the point where she was going to cave in, but my teacher said something that stuck with me, he said, Crawford, if you quit  now, you probably  will be quitting  for the rest of your life…..those words stopped me in my tracks. I suppose one of the reasons  is because my dad wasn’t a quitter.  Although Summer School  was not as big a deal to Pop as it was to my mother, I could hear echoing from the teacher’s statements  what my father said so often to me, “Boy, finish what you start!”

I can’t count the times through the years  that those words from that science teacher  come roaring back to mind, You see,  he was calling me not only to work hard, but to be courageous–to set aside my attitude, to not accept mediocrity, to persevere through the hardship.

When Karen and I went through two years of intense adversity  and trials during  the early years of our marriage and I seriously  thought about leaving  the ministry we were a part of. I remembered those words. It was as if God spoke to my heart and said, “see it through.””


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