Have you considered Fasting ?


Have you even gotten to the point where some thing is going on in your life where you are so tied up with feelings of confusion, or uncertainty, or concern, that you feel you need a breakthrough to move beyond this funk you are in?

Do you ever feel like you just need to do a reset?


I’ve been in those situations, actually many times.  One thing that I found helpful was fasting

I can tell you up front that it probably won’t be easy at first.  Making changes and doing some thing that you are accustomed to doing, like eating,  will be a challenge.  But as you are able to deny yourself, and focus on seeking the solution you are looking for,  I believe you might just find that breakthrough.

I think the power of fasting isn’t so much about withholding a meal or two, but rather its your intentionality about getting down to business with the issue that’s weighing you down.

Although fasting in itself can help anyone, I found that turning away from food for a meal or two and turning my attention to reading the Bible and talking to God is where the exponential boost of effectiveness happens.

If you’ve never done it before, or even if you have, but its been awhile, you might consider this personal discipline to move you forward.



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