Are you living in a “LEVEL” kind of way


There’s a Bible verse that says, “can two walk together unless they are in agreement (Amos 3:3)

We are also told in various places that we should “walk” in the Spirit.

Do you get the picture?  The visual picture that comes to mind, as it relates to our walk with God is that we are in step with Him–we are “level” with Him.

As I was thinking on this, a thought came to me: its kind of like a carpenter’s level.  carpenter's level

In one scenario, we can be way out in front of God and taking matters into our own hands.  When we are in this place, we are not seeking Him at all and not looking to Him for any guidance.  We are living independently of Him..

In the other scenario, God is out in front and is communicating back to us His desires. He may bring His desires to us through something we hear at church, or something we read in the Bible, or through a friend, etc. but the point is that for some reason we not yielding our lives to God.  Either through our disobedience, or rebelliousness, or just pride, we are not submitting ourselves to follow Him.

In either of these scenarios, the “bubble” , which illustrates a sweet spot where we are right with God is off.  It’s either on one side or the other, but something needs to happen to bring us to a “level” spot.

I hope this makes sense. I believe that the Living and Loving God is very receptive to anyone who seeks His help in “leveling” out their lives and getting and keeping things right with Him.

Just curious, when is the last time you asked Him to search your heart to let you know how “level” He thinks you are?    Maybe today needs to be that day.



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