The bottom line is that most people …


In a 2005 study by Think TQ, they looked at importance of strategy  to meet your dreams and how little it is actually done. They found:

26% focus on specific, tangible targets for what they want in life

19% set goals aligned with their purpose, mission, and passion

15% write down all their goals in specific measurable detail

12% maintain a clearly defined goal for every major interest and life goal

12% identify related daily, weekly, and long-term goals with deadlines

7% take daily action toward the attainment of at least one goal

  • In summary, the study’s authors say:

they fail to consistently take the … actions necessary to move their dreams  and visions of their heads into their lives.”  The bottom line is that most people fail to take action to achieve their dreams.  And that failure is the result of very little strategic planning.


Let me ask you, if you don’t mind, a few questions:

  • what dreams or goals do you have in your 7 Areas of Responsibility?
  • How much progress are you making in accomplishing those dreams and goals?
  • When is the last time you took time to evaluate where you are in your accomplishing of those goals and writing down what are the next specific steps you will need to take to meet your goals and fulfill your dreams?
  • Are you willing to ask someone to hold you accountable to your making progress in your pursuits?

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