Are you ready for THEE INTERVIEW ?


Yes, I’m talking about the really big interview.  I’m not referring to your next potential job, but rather that moment when you stand before God.   Wow!  Now, that’s a sobering thought, huh !

I don’t know if you’ve given that much thought, especially because none of us know when that interview will happen.  So, how will you get ready for that experience?

Well, one scenario might look like this:

A person  would stand before Him and have with them a box.  As God looks at them with both loving and piercing eyes, He would say, “why should I let you in to my Heaven?”

For some, that would be the clue to kneel down to a box they brought along.  Soon they would be pulling out a certificate showing that they were a member of the National Honor Society in High School. They might also show the badges they earned in Boy Scouts.  For some, they would reach in their box and pull out their letters of appreciation from a nursing home they visited a few times.  Oh, and then there is a card showing how much blood they donated at the local blood center.  For some, they might decide to strengthen their cause by pulling out their Income Tax forms to show that they had made occasional donations to some cancer foundations and sporadically to a church.

Finally, when all the documents are removed from the box and a few trophies as well, they would stand before this holy God confident that they are a good person.

But, then in a firm voice, Almighty God might say to this person, “thank you for presenting all your evidence to show you are a good person, but I now have a few questions to ask you as I cross examine you and your defense that I should let you live in Heaven with me.”  He might then ask:

  • Do you understand that Heaven is a place of perfection—-how do you compare with that standard?
  • Have ever sought to live independently from Me?
  • Have you ever taken my name in vain, and used it as a cuss word, or in some unflattering, demeaning kind of way? Huh!
  • Have you ever thought yourself better than others and looked down on the less fortunate, the under-resourced, the poor, or the lowly? Huh!
  • Have you ever lusted after a member of the opposite sex? or even the same sex?
  • Have you physically hurt another person with either your fists, or your words?
  • Have you kept bitterness against someone else in your heart, and were unwilling to forgive someone else?  Huh!
  • Have you ever been ungrateful for all I have provided for you, so that you coveted what others have?

I could then see God looking at the person in that scenario with both sadness and directness saying, “all your life you lived independently from Me and had no interest in getting closer to Me, or reading my Words (as found in the Bible), why then, now  would you want to live eternally with Me ?

The person in this scenario, sadly to say will have failed the interview.  It doesn’t get any more terrible than this.

However, there is another scenario that has much more of a positive ending.

This person also stands before God with a box filled with his life’s best moments, and biggest accomplishments. Again, God asks, “why should I let you into My Heaven?”

The person in this scenario looks down at his box, then looks at the splendor, and the holiness of God and immediately understands that he’s got nothing to say for himself.  He’s got nothing to present to this holy God that would make him favorable before God.  Rather than pleading his case before God, the person in this second scenario drops to his knees and cries out in utter humility for forgiveness and mercy.  This person begins to rise to his feet and says to God, “My Father, I don’t deserve to stand before you on my own, however, I have looked to Jesus Christ, your Son to be my Savior.  I understand that He died on a cross so that my sins would be forgiven by You and because I know He was resurrected from the dead, I know you have accepted what He did as payment in full for my sins (and for all who place their faith in Jesus).  So, because of my belief in what Jesus did on the Cross that is why you should let me into Your Heaven–because your Bible says that I am a part of your family”.

Let me end this post today by saying it is the person in this second scenario who will have passed their interview and who will hear the comforting words of a Living and Loving God saying, “Welcome to My Paradise”!

What made the difference?  It was this.  It was recognizing that even on my best days, I am still a sinner, undeserving to stand before Him. But, it is also recognizing that He is a merciful and gracious God who loves mankind (that is why He sent His Son to be the Savior of it).  But, He is not a God who will force Himself on anyone. People have a choice.

Dear post reader,  although I probably don’t know you, I’m pleading with you to take this post to heart.  This interview, you have to pass–your eternity depends on it.

And if you are still hesitant to make an “all in” decision and  believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins, then let me encourage you to really consider what Easter represents in all its fullness.  If you do, I can’t even imagine coming to any other conclusions then believing in the whole Cross-Resurrection story of Jesus Christ as true–it happened.   And if it happened, then there is nothing more important than how you act in YOUR INTERVIEW.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life – John 3:16



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