So, what’s all the fuss about … (got 3 minutes and you’ll see)


In just a few weeks, people  around the world will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead (Easter).   The responses of people to this special holiday are varied:

* There are some people who just don’t understand what the significance is about this special holiday and what’s so special about Jesus
* There are some people who choose not to prioritize going to church through out the year, but for some reason, they feel compelled to go to an Easter service
* There are some people who go to church regularly and  observe the build up of their church’s attention in putting on extra service times, or special presentations of the Easter message, etc, and yet they wonder to themselves what are they missing and why they are not as excited about their own faith. Deep down, they just seem like they don’t “feel it”, as much as others.
* Then, there are others who do understand what all the fuss is about. The impact of the historical, and personal significance of what took place around this time of year, nearly 2000 years rocks their world. They get it and throughout this Easter season, they will have moments of just wonder and amazement of it all.

To the people represented by all four of these different scenarios, I want to encourage you to just pause for just a few minutes and (by Dr. S.M. Lockbridge) that’s focused on this person who was put to death nearly 2000 years ago (yet came back to life).

I’d like to then ask you to take it one step further and ask yourself this question, “so what are the implications of this Easter message for me today–help me God to understand that?”

Are you willing to do that?

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