Leaders, are you taking time to …


A few things I have observed as a student of leadership are:

  • the difficulty of being in a leadership position (dealing with other people’s  expectations (some unreal), dealing with many pressures,  dealing with difficult people), periods of loneliness because of an uncertainty of who can be trusted from those around you
  • the length of time  (including hours and hours and hours of hard work) that it can take to rise to a position of leadership and competency to be a successful leader
  • the challenge of avoiding becoming proud after a time of success
  • how quickly a mistake in judgement can lead to a fall.   I think this quote from Jim Reese on this point sums it up well:

“A challenge  not only for young leaders but for all leaders is that you are one decision away  from losing  the ability to lead.”

Leaders, the further along you go in your responsibility and authority, the more important it is to slow down and evaluate your actions, attitudes, and  motives in all that you do.  In fact, your intentionality about  prioritizing this mental component of leadership might be one of the biggest determining factors of your longevity at being a successful leader.

Leaders, in all of your busyness, are you taking consistent time throughout your week to do a self-check up?  If not, you won’t regret doing so.


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