“Whatever he says, you gotta do … the Peyton Manning way”


I  recall reading something about leaders that it was vital for them to understand although they work hard, so does the sales person, or the accounts receivable person, or the switchboard operator, or the delivery person, or the fast food worker. Though the ultimate responsibilities and work loads differ among different workers, there is a huge need for recognizing that others can work just as hard as you do and can take great pride in doing their best. We all need to respect each other.
Today’s post though is a reminder to us all that we all have been given work to do. But here’s the question, “how seriously do you strive to be your best?”
I don’t know what your specific job is, but I wanted to pass along'Whatever He Says, You Gotta Do': Teammates Remember the Peyton Manning Way. Its been said that success comes to those who work at it. Well, this article I believe shows why there are few professional football players who have achieved the level of success that he has. He works at it.
The other two things that come to my mind, and this will not come as any surprise to the regular readers of this blog is 1) Peyton’s example to us all of the need for FOCUS and INTENTIONALITY if we are going to pursue excellence and the 2) is a reminder that “WORK” is just one of My Balance Sheet that we all have. If we area going to truly live a life of satisfaction, then we need to be constantly aware of all of our areas of responsibility (not just WORK) and strive to be excellent in all of them. There will be no shortcuts. It will take hard work and focus. Thus, the example of Peyton Manning in the area of WORK.
Enjoy this article!


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