“… its the most profound act of respect:


What were your last few days like?  How many people did you engage with at work, across the backyard fence, at the kitchen table, at church, at the supermarket, at a restaurant?

All these interaction have one thing in common–they are interactions with “PEOPLE”.  Because every person on this planet has been created in the image of God, every single one, it means that EVERY single person deserves to be treated with great respect.

If you look back at the many interactions you had with others, how did they go?  Would the person that you interacted with say that you treated them with respect?  Did you show that you care?  Did you convey to them by your actions, and words, and attitudes that you are no better and not worse than anyone else?

I love the following quote from William Ury, which talks about a very practical way we can demonstrate respect towards others:

“when you listen to someone, it’s the most profound act of human respect”


How are your listening skills these days?



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