Book Review: “Presence” by Amy Cuddy



Amy Cuddy is known around the world for which is among the most popular in TED’s history.

In Amy’s book, “Presence”, she talks about practical ways we can enhance our presence and influence as we interact with others. The issue isn’t about tricks in how to communicate with others presenting our self in ways that are really not authentic, the issue is really about freeing our self from all the baggage we carry that prevents us from being our self.
So, for example, if I’m at an important meeting and all I can think about is what they are thinking of me, or how important these people are that I’m talking to, or about the “what-if’s” that could result from this meeting depending on how the meeting goes—-all these distracting thoughts that my mind is focusing on hinders my focus on being myself and presenting myself and my materials in the best way I can.

It kind of reminds me of the best sports coaches that help their players focus on performing skills at practice with excellence and not to think about the results of an upcoming game. By focusing on playing the best we can, success in the game will tend to follow. We can only control our self and our actions. That is kind of the gist of Amy’s book. She is trying to help us be the best we can be and helping us to remove the distracting thoughts that take away from us presenting our very best.
I believe you will enjoy this book.



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